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We utilize inside-out and outside-in approach to optimize clients business performance through the expertise of professional management and execution team in retail business

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Retail Develpment

Create retail media plan and execute in-store operations to connect brands to shoppers at point of purchase in more than 1,500 Lotus’ Go Fresh stores across Thailand. Optimize brand investment in attaining media effectiveness to convert customers awareness to sales uplift. Provide production service, in-store execution ( media installation and removal), auditing and monitoring tools to measure campaign impact vs. quantifiable KPIs

Retail Operation

Develop end-to-end operational working process based on clients’ project requirements. Assist brands in creating robust business strategies and execution plan in order to deliver project KPIs and utilize business intelligence to create scorescard for reviewing performance. This will allow for future actionable recommendations that leads to faster responsiveness and competitive advantahe in a dynamic market.

Retail Audit

Identify linkage between planning, execution and its impact on business performance. In-store audit to identify business opportunities and solutions based on retail execution measurement vs. KPIs : – Availability : Product on-shelf availability (OSA) and accessibility (NPD speed to shelf) in-store with the stock movement, using sales linked technology application – Visibility : Product stands out on shelf against the other items, benchmarking to the blueprint (shelf standard), promo compliance, share of shelf (SOS) and share of assortment (SOA) – Affordability : Product retail price vs. strategic pricing and index to competitiors


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