A professional consultancy who provides in-depth business assessment, business consulting, coaching and capability development service through BASES Model , tailored to client’s requirements on business vision and strategic direction.

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Business Assessment

Our assessment approach will be adjusted to align with your business. We will provide you with the integrated scan of total business process and people capability based on customer validation and proven success standards. You will get the gaps identified and the right solutions for your business
– Self assessment tools and templates
– Management interview
– On field observation & audit
– Company outside-in assessment e.g. retailer interview, third party interview

Business Consultancy & Coaching

We offer various consultancy scopes from growth driver identification, business strategy to execution plans
– Turnkey : from strategy to actionable execution plans and beyond
– Facilitation : from intensive to light-touch facilitation style

Capability Development

We believe in transforming behavior change. Our programs are tailored to clients’ needs and requirements to maximize the potential of their people and build successful business
– Basic : get the basic right
– Essentials : strengthen the solid foundation
– Professional : deliver professional business management
– Advance : create competitive advantage


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