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Whiteline Group, We are the right partner to deliver your business results with end-to-end approach with emphasis on measurable results vs KPIs.
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Whiteline Tech develops tools to support marketing campaigns, activations and retail media activities. A B2B (business-to-business) information technology solution, we create tailored technological applications that transforms invisible data in the real world into valuable digital information for business intelligence.


Our tools help businesses to understand their operations better. We provide the technology for capturing and analyzing business data: the ability to carefully track products and services, demand and supply, identify live time delays, and which processes are smooth and which could be improved. This leads to increased all-round efficiency for business.


We have a team of talented, dedicated and experienced staff to work with all organizations on every kind of creative solution. Our partnership with dunnhumby and Tesco Lotus Express showcases the extent of our technology support and capability in auditing 1,500 retail outlets across Thailand and handling more than 200,000 transactions monthly.


Whiteline Tech offers information technology solutions to business problems. We create customized applications for brands wanting to identify, understand and improve their processes. Our tools allow businesses to collect, analyze and display data in the way that suits their organization and our solutions are built for reliability, accuracy and scalability.


We help businesses in two main ways:


  • Improving efficiency

Many organizations need to identify specific processes to understand how they’re currently doing things. By using a custom-made technology application to track their manufacturing, logistics or sales operations, businesses can see exactly where they can improve, with the backing of strong data. Creating efficiency may also include automating particular processes, letting staff focus less on routine manual work and more on addressing other core business issues. Efficiency also leads to savings so technological investments should provide more than the initial return on investment.


  • Understanding business intelligence

Data is potentially everywhere but not many organizations have the in-house expertise nor time to capture and sort through information relevant for their business. Our team can assist in identifying vital missing data, or provide business analysis and consulting on the big data organizations already hold. We work closely with brands to not only develop what is currently needed, but to anticipate future trends and their impact on the business.


After the initial consulting period with clients, we develop and implement the technology best suited to the organization. We also offer ongoing training and support, to ensure staff continue to receive the benefits of using the technology. Faster identification or detection of problems means that business can resolve problems sooner and work towards achieving their goals.