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Whiteline Group, We are the right partner to deliver your business results with end-to-end approach with emphasis on measurable results vs KPIs.
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Whiteline Media is Thailand’s premier retail media agency offering end-to-end solutions.

We create media installations for brands seeking to engage with customers at the point of purchase, across diverse retail environments and competing products.


We are the sole operator for dunnhumby (Tesco’s subsidiary) to operate retail media in Tesco Lotus Express stores throughout Thailand. This allows us to connect brands to shoppers at the point-of-purchase in innovative ways. We have a nationwide network and execution team to cover 1,500 stores and handle all deliveries, installations and media auditing.


We work with brands across a range of settings to promote specific products and services, and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Brands benefit from our extensive experience in capturing audience interest and converting that into sales uplift. Retailers benefit from our know-how and professionalism in creating diverse installations and handling the logistics of demanding campaigns.


Whiteline Media aims to create the best shopping environment and experiences for customers at the point of purchase. We combine retail data analytics with strategic media channel exposure to present products and services in a new light and in fresh, inventive ways.


We source, coordinate, produce and deliver. It’s a complete end-to-end production service as we work closely with clients to understand and develop a unique retail media plan. Our in-house team of artwork designers create original and enticing works to showcase the best of each product and we then set up the full media installation in-store. To ensure optimal results, we also provide in-house execution, auditing and measurement tools to monitor the impact of the campaign.


Our media strategies involve:


  • utilizing in-store media as a differentiation tool to increase sales & profits by customizing in-store media type and role to match with Tesco Lotus Express shopper behavior
  • optimizing brand investment through the best selection of in-store media for each campaign to attain media effectiveness with measurable KPIs and justified ROI
  • developing novel, enterprising and inspiring media based on customer insights and feedback about preferred store ambience.
  • setting up auditing tools, process and standard report for brands to justify execution quality
  • providing evaluation & standard measurement for media effectiveness and apply the right approach to brands

Each retail media project includes the following aspects:

Retail media development

This includes managing the space structure by zoning, based on shopping context. We define the implications for retail media in each zone, and develop media tools and key communication objectives and deliverables for the plan.

Content design

We work closely with brands to understand customer objectives to create a tailored message design for the specific product or service. We select the media tools most effective for the campaign.

End-to-end production

We coordinate production process from end-to-end ranging from regular sourcing to ensure production quality is up to standard, production planning, quality control, and delivery for execution.

Execution & audit

We launch the retail media and audit in real time the in-store media execution. We check for media quality and compliance throughout the campaign and provide updates to the client with any recommended actions.


We review the effectiveness of the retail media through our ongoing collection of data during the campaign and compare store performance and other differentiating factors that could impact on the results.

We work with clients on the full end-to-end process to apply the best approach to each brand, and provide standard measurements in a full detailed report. Our clients receive valuable real-time data on the effectiveness of the campaign, with many receiving sales uplift between 5-30% during a campaign period.