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Whiteline Group, We are the right partner to deliver your business results with end-to-end approach with emphasis on measurable results vs KPIs.
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Whiteline BASES is a professional business consultancy. We provide in-depth business assessments, strategy consulting, and capability building to organizations to maximize business potential. Our services not only focus on commercial team management that can be tailored to each client’s requirements based on their strategic direction but also on people skills & capability building.


BASES stands for:


BA – Business Alignment

Defining what is right and appropriate for the business. We look in depth at category growth strategies and function alignment across all strands of business in an organization.


S – Strategies to win

Planning to do the right things for the business. These cover tailored marketing strategies to win consumers, trade marketing strategies to win shoppers, and sales strategies to win customers.


E – Execution excellence

Doing it right in-store and at the point of purchase is about selling and executing well. We review this aspect in depth and offer advice on improving processes.


S – Sustainable performance

Ensuring it is right means we can track and review performance. Sustainability is essential for the long term.


We provide a foundation to business growth and staff professional development. We start first with understanding you, your people and your business. We work closely with you to identify business goals and the pathways to achieving them.


Our well-regarded consultants have extensive experience across the consumer goods industry. Their valuable advice, know-how and first-hand experiences will help your business grow through successful strategies and in a sustainable manner.


We help businesses create and achieve their goals. Our boutique consultancy services are focused on commercial team management and tailored to each client’s needs, requirements and vision for their business.


Our consulting services specializes in three specific aspects:

Assessment of your business

We complete an external interview, a competency assessment, in-store audit and internal interview. Our assessment provides you with an integrated overview of your total business processes and capability, based on customer validation and proven success standards. We review your current goals and strategies, work processes, staff skills and knowledge, and monitoring system and capability. We conduct various assessment approaches that will best fit with your business. These may be self-assessment tools and templates, management interviews, on field observations and audits, and company outside-in assessments such as a retailer interview.

Strategy consulting

The scope of our consultancy covers broad company strategies, from commercial strategies through to detailed execution plans. Our focus is on ensuring that these strategies and plans are actionable. We will guide you to develop a clear measurable scorecard as a tangible output from our process. Depending on your business needs, preferences and readiness, we offer various consultancy approaches without compromising effective outcomes. For example, we can assist you from project conception through to development, completion and beyond. Or you may want to focus on facilitation to enhance performance in the workplace.

Capability building

Developing people is key to building a successful and sustainable business. We create a customized curriculum to maximise the potential of your people. Small group sessions are used to ensure close coaching and encouragement, and we offer mini lectures and interactive workshops for active participation within a quality learning environment. We demonstrate business cases resulting in actions and discuss real-life outputs. We develop action-based and pragmatic training modules that draw on the latest thinking and research in your industry. Our focus on behaviour change covers increasing confidence, motivation, capability and knowledge in the workplace.

We offer four levels of capability building to cater to different business situations and needs, training workers from entry-level through to executive coaching:


  • Basic – getting the basics right
  • Essentials – strengthening the solid foundation
  • Professional – delivering professional business management
  • Advance – creating competitive advantage


For more information on specific courses, please see our BASES capability building programs outline and BASES program for people management.